City College Nottingham

Learner Complaints Procedure


The policy of City College Nottingham is to ensure that the processes by which it manages grievances and complaints received from its learners and service users are clear, transparent and inclusive, and that they are effective in achieving a fair and objective resolution as quickly and as fairly as possible, with the aim to keep any accompanying bureaucracy to a minimum.

This includes the appointment of a named “Complaints Officer” within the College’s organisational structure, who will act as the central point of contact for all matters relating to grievances, complaints and appeals. This policy is part and parcel of the College’s “Have your Say: You said, We Listened, We Did” strategy, in which the College uses feedback from its learners and service users to evaluate its performance and service delivery, with the aim to improve the learning experience and service provided through a process of continuous self-reflection, review and quality improvement planning.

Process flowchart –Learner Complaints Flow Chart April 2016

To download a full copy of the Learner Grievance and Complaints policy click here: MA-U6 Learner Grievance and Complaints (last updated April 2016)

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