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Environmental Sustainability

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City College Nottingham are proud to support Recycle More, within our commitment to Environmental Sustainability across all of our campuses, offices, centres and outreach delivery sites, we are working hard to reduce waste.

Using a recognised symbol we aim to ensure even greater recycling and less impact on the environment we work in.

Why not join us and do your part.

How you can help;

Think – do I need to copy work, can it be electronic?

Using more technology based equipment will reduce the burden of producing photocopied work or printing out work, typical cost savings – normal print to an inkjet (Black) around 4p per page (8p) if printed duplicate, (Colour) 12p per page, now add the cost of the paper used and a typical cost rises to around 9p and 17p per sheet.

Photocopying uses slightly less in costs, however the typical costs remain higher due to the cost of the inks, and service charges involved (not to mention the cost of electricity).

If a copy or print is the only option – Do I Need to Have Too many Copies?

Think – do I need to use a plastic cup for the water fountain?

Why not bring in your own cup or bottle, reducing waste and impact on the landfill sites, typical savings 2p per cup used, less waste.

Think – do I need to leave the Computer on?

Just by leaving your computer on standby, power is still being consumed, typical running costs per hour 6p for the monitor and tower (laptops slightly less), leaving them switched on overnight can cost around 3p per hour.

Think – do I need to leave the lights on?

Just by turning the light off, you can reduce the cost of electricity used; saving energy and the burden on energy suppliers having to produce more power to accommodate the need, reducing bills and the environment especially where fossil fuels are used to generate the power.

These are just a few thoughts of things we can all do easily.

The Environmental Team.

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